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2, laid-off workers to entrepreneurship, casting the new glory of life

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Zhao Jiukui comrades from state-owned enterprises to be laid off in 2000, facing the "no money, no space, no personnel of a variety of difficulties. With the industrious and honest, hard-working and outstanding courage, starting from scratch. To overcome the difficulties. Starting from scratch now has factory area of more than 20000 square meters building area of more than 5000 square meters, assets of more than twenty million yuan, has the self-management import and export business of domestic well-known vibration motor professional manufacturers. Five series products cover nearly 10 countries and regions. Annual output value of nearly 20 million yuan.
At the beginning and occupy the Zhao Jiukui comrade put forward "the development of science and technology leading, quality and efficient" concept, cogent accomplish "rely on science and technology, respect for talent", in accordance with the "high starting point, high-tech, high standards" three high principles, formulate feasible long ?